Commercial Rainwater Harvesting


The need to capture, store, filter and reuse rainfall is becoming more and more important. As water companies increase their prices and the population grows, demands on mains water continue to rise. Coupled with consumer demand for companies to reduce their environmental impact, rainwater harvesting is increasingly sought after by both the general public and commercial organisations.
Commercial rainwater harvesting isn't just about the environment though. Shropshire Green Energy Centre’s rainwater harvesting systems help companies save money, including yours.
Why Harvest Rainwater?
It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses and commercial entities to reduce their environmental impact across the entirety of their operations. Rainwater harvesting is an extremely cost effective method of achieving this goal, with the added benefit of reducing water consumption and bills.
Rainwater harvesting is easy to install and maintain, whilst providing cost effective savings on your water consumption, resulting in reduced water bills. Our systems can save thousands of pounds each year on your water bills.
Benefits to You
Reduce water consumption
 Harvested rainwater will collect and automatically be used for in various systems, which could include toilet flushing and sprinkler systems, etc. The result will be less water usage and cheaper bills.
Quick and easy to install and start collecting
 Installation is managed by your dedicated technical account manager who overseas all operations and provides specific advice to you. All equipment is also thoroughly tested before leaving our premises.
Tailored to your specific requirements
Shropshire Green Energy Centres’s rainwater harvesting systems are available in a range of sizes and options. This means our system will be specifically tailored for your needs, ensuring you have the right system at the right cost.
Complete solution from one supplier
 We offer servicing, maintenance and installation alongside the system, so you only need one supplier to ensure your system runs cost effectively for its lifetime.
Why Shropshire Green Energy Centre?
Shropshire Green Energy Centre is the Shropshire leading supplier of commercial rainwater harvesting systems and every year, we deliver more and more rainwater harvesting systems.
We have been established since 200 and have been pioneering rainwater harvesting technology ever since. Our systems have been developed to offer the very best in terms of efficient collection and usage, designed to work with all types of property.
How much does it Cost?
The exact costing of each system varies depending on your specific needs. However, it’s also worth noting that the Shropshire green energy centre rainwater harvesting system is an accredited part of the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme.
This means Shropshire Green Energy Centre’s private clients can offset up to 100% of the taxable cost of the system against their tax bill at the end of the year. For more information or to discuss the merits of the scheme and how to apply, please contact us on 01952 505506.