LED Lighting 


If you want excellent quality of light, combined with energy-efficiency – without the hassle and without the hefty price tag then Shropshire Green Energy Centre is the right place for you. Shropshire Green Energy Centre, provides turn-key packages for retail lighting and commercial solutions, including design, finance and installation.

LED lighting is being recommended to homeowners and businesses to help you save money and energy.

LEDs have been around for many years. They have now been developed sufficiently to provide high quality non-flicker low energy lighting. Attractive LED like-for-like replacements for most lamps are now available from specialist suppliers, some retail chains and us. Prices are now competitive and LED’s are the most efficient option of all. They last far longer than any other lighting technology and they will pay for themselves several times over before they need replacing.

These lamps and luminaires can last an incredible 50,000 hours and use very little energy. 

We emphasise flexibility at the design stage, which means that our commercial lighting design services are tailored to your needs and your budget. Whether it’s a small showroom or a complex, multi-site business, our experienced team of lighting designers can create the right lighting solution for you.

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